How it Works

How It Works

As applied to skin, derma+flex® is a Gel in viscosity and polymerises quickly.

The increased viscosity of derma+flex® is intended to reduce the risk of unintended placement of the adhesive during application due to migration of the liquid adhesive from the wound site.

derma+flex® is provided in a single use aluminum collapsible tube packaged in a sterile Tyvek® pouch also containing 2 applicator tips. The dauber applicator is comprised of a self-puncturing cap and a foam surface, which allows spreading of the adhesive with uniformity. The nozzle applicator is also a self-puncturing cap with an elongation that enables detailed application of the adhesive.



derma+flex® FINE APPLICATOR – Allows fine applications where   looks (cosmetic issues) are considered
derma+flex® DAUBER TIP – Allows a flow controlled application for   broad surfaces



* Tyvek is a registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Corporation